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ECA Scribe, Elliot Uko, faults Buhari’s regime, describes it as uninspiring and directionless

by News Echo

The Secretary of Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA) and founder of Igbo Youth Movement (IYM), Elliot Ugochukwu Uko at the weekend, took a swipe on President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, saying the last five and half years of his regime is uninspiring and directionless.

Uko said that the President lacks the capacity to manage the complexities of Nigeria.
In a statement, the Igbo youth leader noted, “since June 2015, we have been drifting around the ocean of life, not as a focused, committed nation, but rather, as a confused, rudderless country, run and managed by an unfit, unprepared leadership, experimenting with the future and destiny of 200 million citizens, and believe me when I say: that everyone is tired. Let truth be told”

The statement further read, “From running the country for six months without ministers, while issuing and countering same orders to the central bank, to the enthronement of brazen nepotism, and total display of ineptitude.

“The inability to secure the country has confirmed beyond any doubt whatsoever that Nigeria is in big trouble, as the leadership the whole world put so much hope and trust in, six years ago, is clearly unable to secure, unite, let alone, move Nigeria forward.

“It has been a harvest of errors. History will record this regime as one of one mistake to another. Regime of Fulani herdsmen. Regime of prerecorded Presidential broadcasts. A regime where the President is bigger than the whole country, and his handlers will shamelessly defend his unwillingness to visit disaster scenes as his style.

“A regime of inconclusive elections, a regime that pays Boko haram through the international Red cross, to release Dapchi girls. A regime that northernized all sensitive appointments, thereby deepening and encouraging a fierce dichotomy that inspired agitation for seccesion. A government that simply does not care about the feelings and cries of sections of the country.

“A regime that plans more for and benefits Niger Republic than Nigeria. A regime that borrows for every project. A regime that indebted us up to our great grandchildren. A regime that laid our oil pipelines to Niger Republic.
“A government that comfortably watches as the whole country explodes into a war theater, with kidnappers ruling all our highways. Hamlets and homesteads are sacked by armed bandits, even as Northern Governors pay same bandits for same elusive peace.

“Travelling by road anywhere in Nigeria has become a high risk venture. Going to the farm has become an impossible task. The economic has collapsed into a frightening deep recession that could last for a while.

“Even as inflation and unemployment has eaten so deep into our land, leaving everyone on edge. Insurgents, armed robbers, kidnappers and killers of all shades seem the only people smiling to the banks, as exorbitant food prices forces millions of citizens to go to bed hungry every night with tears in their eyes.

“Guilty of a great crime, are those who have access to President Buhari, but refuse to tell him to his face that he has failed. Most wicked of our compatriots are those who flatter him, telling him he is doing wonderfully well.

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