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Anglican Bishop raises alarm as Chinese contractors dismantle railway tracks in Abia

by News Echo
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The Anglican Bishop of Umuahia Diocese, Rt Rev Geoffrey Ibeabuchi has demanded explanation from the Federal Government about the ongoing scrapping off of line lines in parts of Abia State by Chinese contractors believed to be working for the federal government.

He demanded that the removed rail lines should be replaced with modern railway facilities as promised by the federal government. Bishop Ibeabuchi who raised the issue at St Steven ‘s Anglican Church Umuahia in his presidential address during the 13th edition of Christian Men’s Fellowship Conference, expressed concerns that no explanations have been offered by either the Chinese contractors and their field workers or even the federal government about where the removed rail tracks are being taken to.

The Anlglican Bishop said, “In recent rimes, it has been observed that the rail line around the State is being dismantled and carried away. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be explaining anything to anybody. Can somebody help! What is happening?” he asked. He went on, “I am sure that the federal government promised sometimes last year to build a narrow rail line from Port Harcourt to Maiduguri linking up Ajaokuta to Bonny Sea Port etc. Are they now dismantling the rail line in order to commence the new work or are they trying to totally disconnect the South Eastern Corridor or the rail line?” We are watching ,” Bishop Ibeabuchi observed.

He also condemned the worsening insecurity in the country, saying that the federal government seems helpless and clueless on the solution. “The entire nation is under siege while our government seems helpless. It is no longer a rumour that our once beloved country Nigeria has become terribly unsafe. Students and school children are abducted at ease and people are kidnapped in their houses.

Even our military bases, checkpoints and formations are unsafe.” He further lamented that in some communities, farmers and other indigenes are being forced to pay taxes or forced to do farm works by bandits. The Anglican top cleric also expressed worries at high rate of drug abuse among Nigerian youths which he warned may destroy the future of the nation. On the recent suspension of strike by ASUU, Bishop Ibeabuchi praised the academic staff for calling off the 8-month industrial action but advised the federal government to ensure that agitations of the lecturers are attended to, in order to avoid another strike.

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