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Diezani’s gold and diamond bras for auction: Nigerians React…

by News Echo
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Compiled by Bright Okereke

The Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Abdulrasheed Bawa, last May stated before the House of Representatives that jewellery worth N14bn was seized from Diezani.
In a manner that looks like a comedy show, the federal government of Nigeria announced its readiness to auction undergarments belonging to the embattled ex-Petroleum minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke.
Rather than prosecuting her for the alleged looting of national wealth while in office as minister, the FG took to a ridiculing by announcing its plan to auction personal effects of Madueke.

These personal effects according reports include 30 braziers, 41 waist trainers, 73 hard flowers, 11 suits, 125 wedding gowns, 13 small gowns, 11 invisible bras, 73 veils, 17 magic skirts, six blankets, one table blanket, two standing fans, and 64 pairs of shoes.

Ena Ofugara wrote:-
Deziani’s Purported Diamond Pants And Bra: Third Term Campaign Strategy
Deziani is in the UK. We have extradition agreement with the UK. There is zero prosecution and or conviction, even in absentia of Deziani.
Deziani never laid claim to any item seized, nor did the courts hold they were hers.

Six years into the administration, a woman that no one knew to be ostentatious or in love with gold or diamond, but one who adorns beads and pearls, is suddenly the owner of diamond bra and panties.
Do you freaking know how uncomfortable that will be for a woman that spends long hours in the office
She is a stripper now? Or is she now an exotic dancer from Egypt and Saudi Arabia?
The truth is that like BIGBROTHER, no one can hide their true nature for long. If Deziani was a woman that liked blings, in 20 years of her being in public eye, one of her pieces would have caught our attention as being overly expensive.
Six years. No prosecution of Deziani in any court. No request to UK government to extradite her and have her jailed for these thefts… if true.

But the truth is…
The Federal government, led by Buhari, is just trying to change the conversation from the fact that OIL PRICE IS APPROACHING 100 DOLLARS PER BARREL and has been so for months and months. We are back earning but the borrowing has not abated, and the lives of people in no way better.

So since Tonto Dikeh and Tiwa Savage story is going down and Mercy Johnson teacher-bully story did not fly, let Nigerians feast on diamond bra of Deziani and forget the fact that aside Tinubu, no other person is TRULY running for president. NOT EVEN ATIKU IS CAMPAIGNING and Kwankwaso and the rest are quiet, knowing the seat may not be vacant in 2023.
So let us talk about Deziani’s fabled diamond bra. She is now Imelda Marcus.
While clearly, many seek to elongate the tenure of Buhari.



HRM Princess Omobola wrote:-
The re-surfacing story of Diezani’s diamond bra is deep and so pettily reduced to talking of a woman’s underwear on national scene to make a point by all means. This is a true and fair view of it all.
Remember it was Kemi Adeosun the ex and disgraced Minister of Finance who was given the dirty job of cooking up lies against her fellow Nigerian woman Diezani. It was Kemi Adeosun sent to display on national TV those fake and borrowed boxes of diamonds and gold purportedly recovered by EFCC from Diezani’s residence in Abuja. Do assets owners of diamonds and precious stones of the class of Diezani as one of the most powerful Ministers under Jonathan keep such assets in the wardrobe of a house in Maitama, Abuja? It is doubtful. Nobody does that.

Then, the disgraced Minister Kemi Adeosun whose exit for accusation of NYSC forged certificate under Buhari administration was orchestrated by the North just because the North and Buhari needed a Northerner to be Minister of Finance to sign off heavy foreign loans in trillions of dollars soon made Kemi eat out of her own apple pie for her inglorious exit of a criminal forgery of NYSC certificate.
It was Kemi Adeosun who was used to sell the lies about Diezani to the Nation to divert the people’s attention from a government of no benefit to Nigeria that Buhari government has always been.
But the big question is: where is Kemi Adeosun today?

Of course she has sneaked into the limbo of time in APC. Used and dumped and the slot for a Minister of Finance allotted to South West Nigeria was dashed out to the North and Prof Yemi Osinbajo keeps quiet over it without uttering a word in defense of his own people till today.
Where is Kemi Adeosun, the agent of APC orchestrated series of national lies? Kemi has gone with the winds.
Kemi’s tale is like that of an idiot that strets and frets his hour upon the stage. It is a tale of an idiot full of sound and fury, now signifying NOTHING.

Those who take it upon themselves to destroy others will also have destruction waiting for them at their doorsteps. But Kemi Adeosun’s deadly assignment of that aspect of THE ORCHESTRATED APC LIES is a microcosm of the larger rating of the Government of Buhari.

Mark you all however, nobody is exonerating Diezani of all the accusation. But this Government has played the game of chess of power to a ridiculous extent that the Government lost all respect and honour attached to power due to their choice of the wrong puns in their game. So, enough of these fallacies that has dotted Buhari comedy of errors already.
Let us all keep watching because those who feed Nigerians with lies just to divert the people’s attention from the facts of inherent and peculiar failures of APC will only have the stage for a while. They will all be exposed sooner or later for the evils they are doing to the posterity of our nation, Nigeria.

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