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Ugly trend: Girls sleeping with animals for ritual money

by News Echo
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Is no joke anymore that the youths of today are willing to do anything to make money or live a life portrayed by the social media? Every day we hear stories of abominable things that youths are doing to get money.
We hear of yahoo plus, money ritual, kayamata and so on but recently, there is a trend that has surpassed the salacious ones Nigerians had been fed within the past.

Nigerian ladies are now being paid huge amount of money to have sex with dogs in places such as Lekki, Banana Island and in far-away Dubai.

The ladies were offered the some of N1.5 to 2 million to sleep with German shepherd dog.
The said development has been going on for long time now, but there wasn’t evidence to back it up, until these videos hits online.
According to some commenter’s, Rich men base at Lekki in Lagos usually pick these Girls to have sex with their dog, as the pay them handsomely.

One of such videos shows an unidentified lady bend down doggy style, remove her panties, while a huge German shepherd, salivating, walks up to her and start hitting her from the back ferociously amidst moans. The lady was indeed beaten “pants” down at Lekki, in Lagos for 1.5 million naira.

Since the sex video came online it has set the internet on fire, with many wondering why a dog owner would pay a lady to have sex with his dog or why a lady would agree to have sex with a dog for money, no matter the amount.

Still, the truth is, many Nigerian do that because of filthy lucre. And the actors have been rewarded with not just with fabulous wealth but with their own reward as well, as one of the ladies has been quoted as telling a friend that after sleeping with 13 dogs she got an apartment and bought a Lexus jeep with the money she got from the act.

But at the moment she is suicidal and battling with chronic, incurable diseases, as she has spent her fortune to treat herself to no avail.

Why go to such attempts in other to live a luxurious life. Nowadays, ladies do all kinds of things to get rich or to live the life of a Lagos big girl. It doesn’t matter the means involved, all they care is the result.

The young lady in question who finally confessed to doing such acts said that she had gone to visit a male friend and the guy offered her a million naira to have sex with her dog. She said that she had agreed because she has never seen such money in her life

According to lady she said that she was also introduced to his friends who also asked her to have sex with their dogs. She continued that she had had sex with 13 dogs by the end of January. She continued that the money given to her from her encounters were enough to help her change her apartment and also buy Lexus at early March.

She also said that stitch her vagina because It kept tearing up from having sex with the dogs and . Later it started smelling and men were complaining about the situation of her vagina.

She also complained to her friend that she had sold her car the previous month but the issue did not stop. She lamented that she had called the guys involved in the act but they cursed her.

Women really need to get a grip on themselves. Whilst it’s something else to want to rake in the easy money and fill your coffers without any reasonable life skills, it’s a completely different narrative when you treat yourself to be treated like trash and embark on the silliest of antics.

Another story that is trending, which also reeks of anguish and ordure, is what a lady, who has chosen to remain anonymous, narrated about her friend. According to her it was the thirst and hunger to live the luxurious lifestyle of her friend that seduced her to embark on a trip to Dubai, where her wealth multiplied by four.

That friend of hers, she noted in her story is 22 years of age but cruises around in a 2011 CL550 and as well as having a property in Condo in Newport Beach. She added that she admired that stuff and wanted her friend to put her through of which she promised to.

She admitted that she had followed her friend to Dubai on one of her trips and she was introduced to this porta potty which she swore never to do again.

A porta-potty not only sleeps with but also eats the feaces of Arab men who poo on their body and inside their mouth directly. It’s a form of sexual fantasy or fetish which is very common among rich Arab men.

Their client get defecated on, pissed on, spat on and degraded in every possible way, and that is how they get their sexual satisfaction. The girl is paid up to $50,000 (N25m plus).

Typically, half of the payment is deposited before the girl catches the flight and the remaining half is paid after the deed has been done. If at any point, the girl feels she is not down to do it anymore, she can walk away with the initial payment.

These same women called themselves “Big Girls” will buy the choicest human hairs, shoes, bags, cars etc post vacation photos, stage surprise gifts for themselves and oppress you and you will compare yourself with them and tag yourself a failure because you can’t enjoy life as they are.

Ladies and men out there should be careful, no matter how difficult things, hard work really pays. Stooping so low to do such acts to get money does not make you a big girl.

No matter how they try to tag it, it can never be seen as a hustle. Find a real hustle and your hustle will pay. Young girls shouldn’t be enticed with what they see on social media because the lifestyle seen there are mostly fake life and will make you fall victim of such acts.

Federal government should to see to it that they find these offenders and make them pay for their bestiality acts.

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