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Time for Christians to take over Nigeria’s leadership – HELBIN President

by News Echo
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The President and Vision Bearer of Heaven Link Believers International Network (HELBIN), a non-denominational Christ-like movement and the Concerned Igbo Race (COCIR), Rev. Emmanuel Ikechukwu Omeokwe has called on Christians to take their pride of place in leadership.

Speaking to Newsmen in Owerri, Imo State, Rev. Emmanuel Omeokwe hinted that the problem in leadership has persisted because the Christ-centered leaders over the world have refused to go into leadership giving room for the ungodly to steer the society to a wrong pattern. He posited that God wants the standard of heaven to be replicated here on earth, adding that God wants the earth to be administered by the standard of heaven. Rev. Omeokwe said that “the mission of HELBIN is raising and promoting Christ-centered leaders whose love for Christ shall form the bedrock of our common existence world over”.

Rev. Omeokwe stressed that until the Christ-centered leaders collectively reclaim their leadership heritage and begin to refocus the aperture of leadership in Nigeria by pushing negative tendencies of leadership to the background and promoting Godly leadership, the leadership of the country may not be gotten right, adding that Christians must allow the light of God in them to shine by re-awakening the giant in them.

He hinted that the program that will hold on the 29 October at City Global Hotel will center on the role of Christ believers towards a better society, building strong values amongst the youths as agents of rapid positive change in the society through mentoring.

“The greatest evil in life is for one to keep quiet in a society where injustice and all forms of atrocities reign unabated. Those that have received the Spirit of truth from God can’t be comfortably quiet amidst all these anomalies in the land no matter what. He called on all and sundry to join HELBIN movement in the pursuit of a world free of wickedness, injustice, selfishness, greed, immorality, hunger, robbery, social and spiritual unrest”, he submitted.

He revealed that HELBIN believes that if true believers of Christ are identified and promoted accordingly into various political positions of authority especially through 2023 elections, an egalitarian society of our collective dreams would be attained.

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