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Prophet predicts doom, revolution in Imo

by News Echo
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A notable Imo born Prophet, Dr. Calistus Nwokoro (Aka Dr. BBK) has prophesies dooms day, confusion, catastrophe, anarchy and revolution in Imo state more than the one experienced during the ‘End Sars’ if nothing is done between now and Dec. 2021.

The Alaenyi Mgbidi Oru West born prophet disclosed that people do not always take prophecy serious especially in Imo State but hinted that everybody must be ready to face the consequences of such neglect. He warned that any attempt to sweep his prophesy under the carpet will cause serious breach of peace that may even extend to other part of the country.

Dr. Nwokoro who is also a traditional herbal medical practitioner said that his prophesy will come as a true manifestation of the dream he had few weeks ago. Like the biblical Joseph, he narrated his dream where in his sleep, he saw a swarm of bee chasing a wild pigeon and the pigeon was running very fast to scurry away from harm but the bee persisted in its pursuit instead.

He states that only people with deep spiritual knowledge can interpret such dream, stating that the dream is not as common as people may look at it. He revealed that both the bees and the pigeon have in depth spiritual affinity with humanity and that any clash of power between the two will pose great danger to the human society.

According to the prophet, pigeon symbolizes peace and harmless while bees connotes trouble, a scenario which simply means a higher authority trying to use their cronies and loyalist to rise against the common masses and hence will degenerate into a heavy trouble that may even claim lives.

Dr. Nwokoro disclosed that his prophesies do not come all the time but must come to pass each time he prophesies. He disclosed that in 2015 before the general election he prophesies that former president Goodluck Jonathan is not going to win the presidential election, he said that nobody took that prophesy serious until it came to pass.

He said that the prophesy came after he had a dream where a Nigerian presidential Jet carrying president Jonathan fell down inside a bush and the president wriggled out the plane unharmed backing the plane and was waving at Nigerians. He disclosed that it was after the dream that he started telling people that Goodluck Jonathan will fail the election.

In 2019, according to prophet Nwokoro, he prophesies that Senator Hope Uzodinma must be the governor of Imo State a prophesy he maintained even when Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha has been sworn in as the governor of Imo State.
When asked what Imolites may likely do to stop the impending danger ahead, the prophet responded that everybody must pray only to curb the extent of the damage that the prophesy may cause but insisted that the dream must come true.

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