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IWD: Aspire to be on top, Bishop Ezeugo tells women

by News Echo
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As the world marked its International Women’s Day celebration, the President and the General Overseer of Overcomers Christian Mission.

Bishop Francisca Ezeugo has told women all over the world to break the barriers and aspire to be on top in any sphere of life.

Bishop Ezeugo who spoke to News Echo in Owerri disclosed that women should not be limited by their gender but should live up to their potentials.

She maintained that women can be the head in any position if they are qualified for such position, stating that gone are the days when women are disregarded because of their gender.

“God created women with a potential, aspire higher, the capacity of your intelligence will help you to go higher, aspire to be the head in any position, you can be the head based on how you work hard”. She noted that women should rise above the negative labels tagged on them.

“God uses women to break barriers even some things the men cannot do just like Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and other notable women occupying so many elective positions in different spheres of life”.

She said “Women are specially created as an outfit of God’s creation made to be used by both God and men, they are favour carriers, crowns to their husbands, no man is complete except a women is by her side”. “The woman is a blessing to the nation, women produce kings, president, without a woman there is no nation”, she stated.

She maintained that the headship of a man in a family according to the Bible does not include denying women their right to be a leader or the head in her working place business or in any political position.

She stated that “women are performing well in every position they find themselves even places where men cannot go, women break the barrier and lead in those places”.

She stated that women should not shy away from politics and disabuse their minds that politics is reserved only for the men noting that every woman can become whatever she desires in life through prayers and hard work.

She therefore enjoined all women to take the centre stage in their profession and live to their full potentials as God has made them.

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