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When she’s not ready for marriage

by News Echo
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The five signs you will likely see when she’s not ready for marriage like you.
So it is not unheard of that a woman would be ready to settle down but her man won’t be; and in other cases, a man would be willing to begin that life at some period which his woman is not comfortable with.
We now consider the five signs you will likely see when your babe is not ready for marriage like you.

1. Unwilling to give up her individuality
If she repeatedly shows no traits of giving up any bit if her single, independent spirit despite the considerable amount of time you have been with her, she may not be ready for marriage till a long time to come.

When partners are already getting mentally prepared for a life together, one of the outward signs you will see is a bigger willingness to give up some parts of their individuality and independence and allow for a greater merging of their relationship.

2. Focused on so many other things
If she’s showing a greater concern for several other aspects of her life, and treating the relationship most times as an afterthought and not a priority, it should be obvious that those other dreams are more important to her. Suggesting marriage for the not-too-distant future will likely just make her smile and tell you that she wants to get those priorities sorted before settling down.

3. Avoids the talk
If she flat out refuses to even have the conversation, you should be half-convinced that she does not even want to consider the possibility just yet. She’s not ready.

4. Speaks of it in terms of the distant future
Whenever she makes passing comments about marriage, those comments will likely also reflect her decision to not get into it till a longer time than you would have preferred.

5. Not eager to meet your friends and family
She deflects every chance to see your folks or meet any member of your family. All that familial introduction and connection won’t appeal to her just yet. And this often reflects an unwillingness to consider marriage or all the things surround it just yet.

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