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Okafor’s law:Is this relationship theory a myth or reality?

by News Echo
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Okafor’s Law states that if you have mind blowing sex with a woman once, you get a free pass to always have sex with her.
Whether you agree or disagree with stereotypes, they exist, guide and shape the way people think and how they relate with one another.

For example, there is the widespread belief that wives are better at managing family funds than men, it is also believed that women are terrible at apologizing for their mistakes and misgivings in relationships and marriages.
And then there is the belief that if you sleep with a girl once and you do it properly, she somehow becomes too weak to say no to you from that moment onwards.

This phenomenon is better known as Okafor’s Law.
The term has been made more popular in recent times by Omoni Oboli and all the drama that surrounded its release.

If Okafor’s Law is to be believed, then it means that there is a kind of magical power in the penis, and if you stir that power well enough during sex with a woman, her brain will become reconfigured to always say yes to sex with you.

Could this be true? Does this actually make sense?
I asked a guy, Chris [not his real name], a lagos-based photographer and he says “Guy, that stuff works o. Really, I think the only time women get to really break away from that enchantment is when they become born again, and even at that, omo the thing still dey hard them o .”

I asked a couple of other people including two married persons and the responses were quite mixed but majority of them say the theory is real to a very large extent.

One of them, a lady, backed up her statement with the following interesting words;” old firewood na hin dey catch pass.”

Actually, Okafor’s Law has some merit and there might be some logic to back it up.
You’ll agree that it often takes women some time to warm up to a guy, and they usually do not let down their guard easily but once they become comfortable to the point of having sex with you, it can be said that their guard has well and truly fallen like Olympus.

This, coupled with the fact that the sex you had with her was actually mind-blowing and toe-curling, might make it pretty difficult for a woman/girl to resist you no matter how long it’s been since that spine-tingling sex.
It has to be one of the reasons why married women meet their exes and are somehow too weak to say no extra-marital affairs with them.

But is Okafor’s Law applicable to women alone? Is it just women who become too weak to say no to old sex partners? Are men also quick to return to the warmth of old flames?
I’ve always pondered these and still I have no answers.

Also, if we are agreeing that Okafor’s Law is real, how real is it?
Out of every 10 women who have once been properly straffed, how many of them become too weak to resist that partner from that moment onwards?

Especially when it has become wrong to still be having sex with him because of their marital/relationship commitments, how many of these women fall prey to the need to feel that primal sexual satisfaction again?

In my opinion, I think seven women in this category would seriously consider engaging in that sex, and four of them will outrightly fall into the trap, especially if all the partners they’ve had after that experience have never been able to replicate that feeling for them, including their present husbands/boyfriends
Based on this, it is pretty safe to say that Okafor’s Law is not entirely a myth.

It might not be as conclusive as it is usually made to appear, but it is surely as real as the air you’re breathing as you read these words, and as active as a clock with new batteries.

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