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How to make your long distance relationship work

by News Echo
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You probably believe long-distance relationships are weird, and never seem to work out. But that is not the case. People are in long-distance relationships for several reasons such as;
work commitments of both parties, family situation, and even personal situations.

While some people may have sworn off long-distance romantic relationships, this arrangement has worked for several other couples – even leading to committed, and happy marriages.

Having scanned through the points made in the preceding paragraphs, it is still important to answer the question; “are long-distance relationships even worth it?”

These five tips may help in answering this question:

Set clear boundaries for the relationship
It is important for both parties to be clear about their expectations from the relationship. For instance, what are your personal expectations with the use of social media? Are you comfortable making your relationship public? Is your partner allowed to date other people while you two are together?

Each party in the relationship should consider the following when setting boundaries. They should be self-aware, specific and direct, and be clear about what you want. Stay away from vague boundaries as this may be confusing for your partner.

Initiate fun activities
Dating from miles away is already a huge disadvantage for your relationship. This is why it is important to encourage fun activities.

Create special fun activities that both of you enjoy. It could be watching or binging on movies together, playing online games together, sharing interesting videos or sharing music playlists with each other.

If your partner isn’t willing to join in the fun, talk them into conforming by laying down the advantages this will have in your relationship.

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