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7 reasons you’re lucky to find true love in your early 20’s

by News Echo
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Who says you can’t be young, wild, free and in true love all at the same time?
Many people spend a long, long time looking for true love.

Others spend a large chunk of their lives, regretting that they let true love slip out of their grasp, and ended up with something unreal, diluted, fake.

The idea that all persons in their early 20’s have to kiss strangers, have one-night stands, and basically waste a great phase of their lives is invalid.

Everyone deserves to enjoy their youth, true, but not at the expense of finding true love.
There is absolutely no rule against actually falling into love for all the right reasons at a very young age and growing in that love over the years.
Who says you can’t enjoy the wildness of youth with someone who loves you, or that you can’t explore the freedom of that age with someone you truly love beside you?
As a matter of fact, you enjoy some advantages if you find true love at a young age, and below are seven of them.

1. You get to still experience the fun that a single person enjoys, while also getting the benefits of a long-term relationship. It’s like having a bumper package of benefits.

2. Imagine the joy of finding someone that truly understands you at the age of 21 or 22. If you are that lucky, you have found what people spend extra five or eight years looking for.

3. You have someone – just one person- beside you all through the phase of learning, unlearning, relearning which is quite common with people in their early 20’s.
While others are ending their fickle, fleeting relationships, you are depositing all your emotional resources into only one relationship.

4. You sidestep a considerable amount of potential heartbreaks.

5. You literally have all the time in the world to work out your differences, learn each other’s strengths and flaws, and understand each other perfectly, or at least 95%.
Compared to those who find love later in life and feel the need to rush into marriage, you can count yourself really lucky.

6. There is every chance that your family will already know him or her after a while. So that firmly cuts out the pressure that comes from parents if after you get to 28, they are yet to see the person you are dating.
7. You grow together.

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