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Today marks the downfall of America – Prophet Ekwonna

by News Echo
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While the United States of America (USA) is inaugurating Joe Biden as its 46th president a Lagos based seer, Prophet Chisom Ekwonna has described today as the beginning of the down fall of the world’s super power.
According to him, “the swearing in today will end up in bringing America down. The Americans will suffer under this administration. The new president will try to make peace with the enemies of America but at the end the Islamic world will bomb America. I can see a lot of disaster.

“Under this government so many Nigerians in America will run down home because it will no longer be an interesting place to stay. The disasters are as a result of divine action for ganging up against Trump, and so Americans will pay with their blood. The disaster will be more than they can handle.
“The occurrence will take place in 25 states. This will affect the economy so badly that the America will not be a better place to live financially, security wise. Those that have people in America should pray for them because most of them will come back. God has allowed this to happen so that America will be punished.

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