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Stop consulting Satan for powers, cleric urges pastors

by Dan Maduagwu Umuahia
2 minutes read

The lust for wealth and godlike power opens the door to occult bondage and this is a major problem in the charismatic movement, Apostle Prof. Kachi Daniels, Vice Chancellor, Dominion University of Theology, DOMUTH Umuahia, Abia State, has pointed out.

In his speech during the 7th convocation and award ceremony of the institution held in Umuahia, Prof. Daniels said, “one of the problems facing the world today, particularly in this country is lack of properly trained gospel ministers, manpower or professionals in sensitive areas of our industries, economy, politics and God Ecclesiastical professionalism.

“It is expected that gospel ministers must be properly made to be rewarded. Nobody is qualified to lead or function in any area of life without proper or continuous training. For when you are well trained, you feed yourself and others but otherwise, you will manipulate and steal from your place of responsibilities.

“The same is also common in the body of Christ today. There are a lot of acclaimed ministers of the gospel, particularly in the pastoral, evangelical and prophetic ministry, who have no origin or source of their calling or ordained.

Some of those who claimed to have been trained, sat under the tutelage of the Satan, money masters and their agents; also, some get to the occult houses in search of little products in paraphernalia contents. No wonder all their targets are what to get out of the people, using lies and manipulated prophecies and vision”.

Earlier in his speech, the president of council of bishops in Nigeria Archbishop Julius Ediwe condemned the unhealthy quest for powers by the acclaimed ministers of God, attributing it to greediness.

His words, “When we started evangelism around 80s and early 90s, these things didn’t exist. We were preaching the Bible the way it is, but today, greedy for money has spoiled the whole thing; and I am advising all ministers of the gospel to come back to the word. We are at the end time”
The Abia State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Mrs Ukachi Amala, a prominent traditional ruler from Imo State and his wife, Eze & Ugoeze Chris Iwueke among others were honoured during the event.

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