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Owerri zone APC leaders blast Charvon – Label him blackmailer, betrayer

by News Echo
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A reconciliation move meant to bring the Camp Hope and the Imo State APC Coalition groups together for a healthier working harmony ended up being a bashing bout against Chief Amadi Charles popularly known Charvon.

The meeting of last Saturday, which was also convened to deliberate on the proposed grand reception for Governor Hope Uzodimma by the people of Owerri zone, did not go down well with members of the two camps that attended the meeting. The plan to organize a civic reception for the governor was initially handled by the Camp Hope group in Owerri zone, thereby shutting out the Coalition members and indeed all the major stakeholders in the state.

Therefore, reason prevailed. It was widely considered that it would be a thing of ridicule in its entirety for only one side of all the elements that made up APC in Imo State to organize a reception in honour of the governor. As a matter of fact, the governor himself would prefer a holistic arrangement for him, than a one sided show which would only bring him to public embarrassment especially from the opposition parties.

In order to achieve its desired objective of bringing the APC in Owerri zone together thereby making it stronger, and at the same time organize an exciting reception for Governor Uzodimma, top party leaders like Ochudo Martin Agbaso, former deputy governor Eze Madumere, Dr. TOE Ekechi, High Chief Uzoma Obiyor, erstwhile state APC chairman, Dr. Hilary Ekeh among others who had either been excluded or who had refused to be involved, were thereafter included in the reception project.

To that effect, it was agreed that both the Camp Hope and Coalition groups should bring forward 10 members each for the reception. The Camp Hope side is replete with names like Chief Iyke Njoku and Prince Lemmy Akakem.

It was at the point reconciliation and expansion of the planning committee list that all hell was let loose on Charvon. Speaker after speaker, in a veiled allusion to Charvon, took him to the cleaners. In fact, Madumere and Obiyor indirectly referred to Charvon as a political vulture. Both men, in a coded allusion, wondered why Charvon who lacked capacity and carriage, would be the one leading the organization of the governor’s reception in Owerri zone.

While Madumere and Obiyor were poetic in their verbal attack on Chavon, Ekechi, the Imo State APC Coalition convener was direct and pungent. Ekechi systematically tongue lashed Charvon describing him as a rumour monger, backbiter and blackmailer who only believes he can grow by bringing others down. Ekechi took the matter home when he informed the gathering that Charvon could not be trusted.

According to Ekechi who represents the South East in the North East Development Commission, former Governor Rochas Okorocha’s evil plot of imposing his son -in -law Ugwumba Uche Nwosu on Imolites was boasted and supported by Charvon. Ekechi made it known that at a time when most people who were close to Okorocha had almost convinced him to drop the unpopular plot, and Okorocha was seriously giving it a thought, it was Charvon who rushed to Okorocha, giving him ideas on how that misnomer would be possible.

He promised mobilising Owerri zone for him and even pledged hundreds of millions to the condemnable project, which he never had and does not have. As a matter of fact, according to Ekechi, for Owerri zone to organize a reception that will be acceptable to the people, Charvon whom he called a man that has no shame must step down as the chairman of the proposed event. He said it would be an insult for a character like Charvon to lead a reception by Owerri zone for Uzodimm

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