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Ondo election: Governors and class protection

by News Echo
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Each time there is election in one state it has become the practice of governors of the parties concerned to congregate and amass support to the colleagues running for the election. What we see is a deployment of resources of whatever kind to the contesting governor to make him win. The governors for days leave governance in their respective states to focus attention till they lose or win.

This is the reason elections in Nigeria is a do or die business. They amass support to rig and heat up the polity with their threatening comments which their supporters carry to the letter to impress. It is nothing other than class protection.

During the Edo election, it was a show of showmanship among these governors. We heard Wike and Uzodimma and the roles they played. What is disturbing is that some of the governors are never do wells in their states and going there to infect those who are doing well.

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