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I see celebrations in Imo – Prophet Ekwonna

by News Echo
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Nigeria’s renowned prophet, Chisom Ekwonna has released his predictions for the year 2021. It is a mixture of the good, the bad, and the ugly. We serve you below unedited what he claimed that God revealed to him.

I see total war in Nigeria, not protests, not demonstrations, war amongst ethnic groups. The men and women that will fight the war are now in the deserts, forests, seas training. The contest is between those who want the country split and those resisting it. However, God’s own people will be miraculously fed and saved. Between May and July those that will prevail will have their prayers answered.

There will be no election in 2023; revolution instead will take the place of election, serious prayers needed to avert the crises situation.

Sad news again will break out from Aso Rock. Serious prayers needed to avert it. Lagos will have another shock in form of fire explosion that will cost the government so much to fix the damages.

Politicians with bad records will be exposed. It is not happy year for them. No security convoy can save them. Uniformed men and women will resign their appointment because of attack from the people
People in the East should be ready to welcome those from the North. They will come down as refugees. Crises from the north will be so overwhelming that it will send them running for cover. There is going to be cabinet reshuffle by the federal government

Gov Uzodimma’s days in the Douglas House are numbered. His governorship seat has been destroyed. Those advising him to fight on are deceiving him. He should also pray for life. I see two state burials in Imo with the corpses wrapped in Nigerian flag.

Imo senators should be prayerful and careful to avert death. There is going to be another senatorial bye election in Imo. This time it will be won by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) if it comes to pass.
Dave Umahi has committed a serious blunder and mistake. Whoever advised him to join the All Progressives Congress (APC) has misled him. It was in his destiny to emerge the President but first through the Vice President but it will no longer work again.

Okezie Ikpeazu should be careful to enable him complete his tenure. His former ailments were not Covid-19 as labeled then but poison. Those behind it are likely to repeat same. He should be careful with what he eats especially in hotels. Enemies are after him. Before 2022 APC will no longer be a strong party, another party is coming to swallow it.

Two past presidents who are presently very healthy I see them passing away. 2021 is a year of reward for good and evil. Many bank workers will lose their jobs. One more bank will be swallowed by another if care is not taken.

Fire will destroy many things. Many Nigerians will be deported while many will voluntarily relocate back to the country because the global situation will compel them to do so. Famine will ravage the world for another 10 years. The crisis that started in 2020 will last to 2030 causing 10 years famine in the world. Other shocking revelations will continue to emerge.

Two deadly diseases coming into the world, one with many viruses and one will be crippling person. Iran will engage America in war and will release nuclear weapon. Iran is a country to watch because the devil wants to use it to create third world war.

I see where people are praying to die instead of living because of the level of hardship. Nigeria’s currency will further go lower in value. Nigerians are advised to learn to manage resources.

Anti-Christ war will create a global currency. People should stop going for worship because of miracles but for salvation. Barren women will laugh in the New Year and many rich families will cry like the poor.
I see celebration in Imo. Imo will laugh in 2021 as they welcome their new governor.

Prophet Ekwonna is known to have continuously hit the bull’s eyes with accurate predictions. He correctly predicted the ouster of Gov Emeka Ihedioha. He also foretold of the travails of the former Chief Justice of Nigeria, (CJN) Justice Onnoghen and that those behind the exit of Ihedioha will join their ancestors.
He also predicted correctly the coming of Covid-19, the outcome of the elections in Bayelsa and Edo State as well as the death of Yar’Adua in power among others.

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