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Filthy implications of Indecent Dressing among Nigerian peoples’

by News Echo
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Nigerian had been recently bedeviled by an unprecedented rise on indecent dressing. The indecent dressing amongst youths, even the old poised to revert to young is both dissatisfying and disorienting. Nigerians dress indecently in a manner that exposes the sensitive and protective parts of the body. And baffling they do this in the name of ‘modernisation’ and ‘Socialisation’.

Modernisation is the process of starting to use the most recent methods, ideas, equipment, etc so that something becomes or seems more modern. This has affected a lot of young people and will also continue to if not properly addressed. Although, a child cannot dress indecently if it is not encouraged by their parents or guardians. Trust you to agree with me when I say bad parenting is a major reason why most children dress indecently. Bad parenting is a state whereby the child is either neglected by his or her parent and does not have anyone to shun his/her indecent way.

Also, poor education can affect a person’s sense of dressing. Poor education means the act of being poorly or insufficiently educated, untaught and untutored lacking knowledge gained by study. A poorly educated person tends to follow the crowd as they do not have a mind of his/her and he/she feels pressured by thinking what is been done by the majority is right. This essay will discuss modernisation, bad parenting and poor education as factors of indecent dressing among Nigerian youths.

Furthermore, indecent dressing among youths today is growing rapidly. Indecent dressings such as showing sensitive parts of the body could be dangerous because it is not been seen by the opposite gender. Perhaps revealing dresses could tempt the opposite gender to take advantage of the person. The major excuse for indecent dressing in our societies amongst youth today is modernisation.

Although, modernisation is necessary, not to be beckoned on negatively. In other countries, indecent dressing might not be a problem but here in our society, indecent dressing is strictly not acceptable, even the culture is against it. The saying, “dress how you want to be addressed” is what most Nigerian youths have thrown into the trash. The sayings simply imply the way one dresses and determine the type of people who are going to approach one.

Moving on, a child who has no one to guide him/her is likely to go astray. Bad parenting is another factor promoting indecent dressing in our youths today. If a child dresses indecently, and the parents immediately caution him/her, the child is likely never to repeat it in other not to get scolded again. But in most Nigerian homes, parents ignore, neglect, or even encourage indecency. The child ends up being misled by society, and probably also encounters some bad associations.

Education is important in our society. Be it formal or informal education, one needs to be educated. Poor education has caused a lot of harm to our society. Poor education affects society such that the youths who are poorly educated do things based on the majority of people doing them. An example is the Nigerian music industry, where celebrities dress and show sensitive parts of their bodies, that is what our youths today tend to confederate with. They feel the fact that well-known people do it makes it right, and they also engage in it, due to poor education.
Factors such as modernisation, bad parenting, and poor education enhance indecent dressings among Nigerian youths and should therefore be curbed. Indecent dressings tend to put one in danger (especially the female gender) because showing sensitive parts of the body might expose them to harm. So, therefore, youths should always dress decently!

We therefore urge the youths to imbibe reasonability and high degree of sensibility in dressing codes and outing conduct, to redeem the fast losing image and dressing conduct that measures a peoples’ integrity.

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