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Dave Umahi: Triumph of Igbo interest over party loyalty

by News Echo
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Emerging signs has revealed that some Igbo leaders are very passionate about realizing the Nigeria’s president of Igbo extraction. Consequently, they are leaving no stone unturned in making sacrifices that would support the venture.

It was not surprising therefore that two time Ebonyi State governor; Dave Umahi shunned all entreaties by his People’s Democratic Party (PDP) members to remain in the party to jump ship to the All Progressives Congress (APC)

During the week Umahi laid to rest all speculation to the directions he is headed to in his future political career when his party big wigs interacted with him at the Ebonyi Lodge at Abuja in their persuasive effort to convince him remain in the party. He had told Uche Secondus, the national chairman of the party of his intention to leave the party to seek greener pasture.

His deep affection to realize the Igbo dream is his strong resolve to quit the party that made him, brought him to lime light having served it in various capacities. This many would consider as the height of ingratitude.

But it would appear to Umahi that his love for Igbo over rides his sense of party loyalty. In the polity of Nigeria as at present, the Igbo appear the weeping dog among the major ethnic groups that is yet to mount the presidential seat. The minority states represented by the Ijaw have tested the coveted crown.

There is so much cry about the marginalization of the Igbo in virtually every ramification in spite of their immense contribution in building the country. Igbo it is acknowledged is the only bridge builder in the Nigerian project and can be found every nook and crannies of the nation and even beyond yet they are not given the chance in the highest decision making organ of the country.

Umahi may have found himself in a quandary arriving at this decision but decided to quit the party his kinsmen gave their all but which chose to reward them inappropriately. That the PDP is foot dragging in zoning its presidential ticket to the South East is viewed among political pundits as the height of ingratitude.

The South East states have been in a marriage of convenience with the party until 2015 when Imo State pulled away in 2013 to join through Rochas Okorocha defection from the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)

When the defection is concluded the APC may have eaten into the political enclave of their arch rival and Umahi who enjoys so much popularity among his Igbo kinsmen may support the party to cream off the remaining state.

It is long speculated that the Ebonyi State governor would pitch his tent with the ruling party because of the manner he has since demonstrated close affinity and support for PMB, a bond that is seen as mutual and reciprocal.

Umahi and Peter Obi appear the two most populous leaders in the Igbo political circle with proven credentials derived from impressive performances that can earn them the presidential ticket.

The two leaders no doubt will enjoy the massive support of their Igbo brothers who are known to root for them. In spite of the towering credentials of Umahi, what some political observers are concerned about is his link with other political networks outside Igbo land.

Meanwhile a forum of Southeast APC Young Progressive Forum led by its national coordinator, Comrade Paschal Candle has declared support for moves by the Ebonyi State Governor, Engr. David Umahi, to dump the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

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