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APC accuses Wike of punishing Rivers people

by News Echo
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The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, says the ongoing defection of members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) indicate that the Rivers people are turning against the Wike administration.
Spokesman of the party, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke said in Port Harcourt, that the people are tired of lies and deception.

“The majority of the defectors are former members of the PDP, who are tired of having a ‘Senior Prefect’ that is fast turning into a dictator as their leader. It is not surprising that everything is turning around for the good of Rivers people. The lies that the PDP has constantly told to its members are beginning to fall apart.

“What we are witnessing in Rivers PDP is the ambition of one man to dominate the centre stage and reduce others to nothing. We have maintained that the present occupants of office in Rivers State are more concerned with their personal interests instead of the wellbeing of the Rivers people.

“Similarly, we have repeatedly stated that nothing matters more to the present administration than the mantra of deceit and the willful dislocation of Rivers people. Now, it is crystal clear that the propaganda spread to deceive the people is no longer working”, he stated.

APC alleged that Wike’s friends who laboured to build the PDP were running away before they are equally consumed by a ‘wicked plot designed to undermine the welfare of ordinary Rivers people’.

Acording to the party, under the Wike administration, widespread penury, threats and intimidation, insecurity, unemployment, avarice and greed had become the order of the day.

“It is disturbing that the occupants of office at the state level are not willing to consider the people first. While we agree that the flyovers are necessary, why is the government not thinking about the implementation of policies and programmes that impact directly on the welfare of ordinary individuals that they claim voted for them? Why does this government appear to hate the people? We think that the answer lies in the growing conviction that the people did not vote for it.

“We welcome our brothers and friends who have joined us from PDP. Rivers State belongs to all of us and together, we shall salvage our state from the claws of those who are holding our common wealth hostage”, he submitted.

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