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Anwuka attacks Archbishop Obinna at mother’s funeral

by News Echo
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There was mild drama at the Holy Trinity Catholic Parish, Egbuoma in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo state, during the requiem mass for the late Justice Christy Ukachi Anwuka, when her eldest son showed disregard for Archbishop AJV Obinna who officiated the mass.

Dr. Uzo Anwuka who was called up to give his tribute and make remarks on behalf of the Anwuka family observed protocols without acknowledging the Archbishop or any other clergy present.

The son-in-law to former Governor Rochas Okorocha, after recognising those he wanted, proceeded to shower accolades on his father-in-law, describing him as the best governor the state had ever had. He also thanked him profusely for his hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) donation towards his late mother’s medical care in the US.

At the conclusion of his remarks, he summoned the Deputy Governor, Prof Placid Njoku to talk to the congregation, following which the Archbishop interjected that he was not the person to do so.

Dr Uzo Anwuka ignored the Archbishop and repeated the summons in flagrant disregard to the bishop and continued until he was forcefully removed from the podium. The deputy governor proceeded thereafter to address the people.

Prof. Njoku expressed dismay at what transpired and advised that people should show respect in God’s House, no matter what or who they think they are, stressing that all things should be done orderly and decently and commiserated with the bereaved family.

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