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Prophet explodes again!…Politicians plan 2023, God plans surprise come 2022

by News Echo
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All the aspiring politicians jostling for the prized seat in Aso Rock may be in for a surprise if revelations from a man of God are anything to go by.

Prophet Chisom Ekwonna of the Living Seed Ministry has once again made some startling revelations concerning the top job which he disclosed may be occupied by chance by someone who has been humiliated previously. He made the revelation in a phone chat with News Echo Thursday.

According to him, “the next president in Aso Rock will be a man who has been somewhat humiliated. His government will cause some ripples in the country because of reactions. Many proud and boastful ministers who are not faithful will lose their seats.

‘’ While Nigerians are busy preparing for 2023 election God is busy preparing surprises come 2022 and all dreaming for the presidency will be disappointed.’’

He turned to Imo where he reiterated his earlier prediction that so long Uzodimma remains in power it risks the collapse of the administration. In his words, “Uzodimma’s government was not instituted by God, God did not sent him to rule Imo. As I earlier predicted Imo was sold to Satan.

“Many people will have more terrible problem working with or supporting him. Many working with him are already having problems. As long as Uzodimma remains in Douglas House will be reoccurrence of problems.

The man of God who keeps hitting the bull’s eye also stated that

“I saw a mighty three with branches and all manner of birds perching on it fall down so terribly.

“The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) will have serious problem very soon. He should pray against what happened to his predecessor lest it be more disastrous if it happens. I saw a new CJN. Breaking news will emerge that Supreme Court loses another member by death.

“Any plan by any group against the EFCC chairman will backfire. The young man is going to use his office to do the will of God and any evil plan against him will encounter the wrath of God.

“For the ember months Nigerians should pick the 4th, 14th and 24th of each month as special days prayers to avert something that may happen. Lovers of Nnamdi Kanu should use such days to pray for him.

“A big political Iroko in Owerri Zone will fall down soon. His sympathizers should pray for him’’, he added

The prophet who predicted the death of TB Joshua in 2020 January used the occasion to eulogize late President Musa Yar’Adua whom he described as detribalized Nigerian and the best gift from Obasanjo eben as he queried the whereabouts of Major Abubakar Umar whom he described as another patriotic Nigerian.

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