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OFALA 2021: Beside Ebubemba, a passionate Amazon with the heart of Gold

by News Echo
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Rarely, have I seen within our clime, a couple, with an uncommon resolve, clout and capacity of successfully transforming an annual Ofala festival from a mere cultural ritual to a carnival of international reckoning. But Ebubemba Ikeduru, seems set to hit this tall feat.
Yes! In the few coming days, exactly on Thursday, the thirtieth (30) day of December 2021, the serene town of Uzoagba in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State, will experience an unprecedented influx of persons from across the world to the second Ofala festival of a couple reputed for philanthropy and generosity, Chief Kingsley Chimezie, (Ebubemba Ikeduru) and his amiable wife, who will in the next few days from today, be capped with Chieftaincy title of ‘Odi-ukonamba’.

The highly revered Ofala festival that resonates socio-cultural and trado-religious life is historic and as such makes great waves in Onitsha and other indigenous Anambra State communities. But, it is becoming domiciled in Uzoagba, a community in Ikeduru LGA with Chief Kingsley Chimezie, leading the grandstanding push in a very a colorful way as he plans his second Ofala.

The forthcoming event is designed to open an opportunity for prominent businessmen and highly placed politicians, corporate bodies, religious and traditional leaders in the country and beyond to pay homage to the prestigious Chimezie family. It is also planned to be a time he, (Ebubemba) and his family will give back to the society in appreciation of God’s enormous gift of blessings upon him. Frankly, this event should better be experienced than described.
Ebubemba, is not just known for his wealth, but his generosity, which is extended to anyone who comes in peaceful contact with him. The Ofala will certainly serve as the last hope of the poor, vulnerable, the needy and of course, a joyous New Year celebration for general public. It will also offer the weak enough strength, the old longevity, the orphans hope, the less-privileged and widows life-changing opportunities.

Their home welcomes both the kings, the ordinary and the commoners, and the family attends to everyone accordingly, regardless of political or social status.
But, unmasking the Silent Power house beside Ebubemba Ikeduru is a courageous woman, a gender Touch Bearer, Lolo Maureen Nneka Kingsley Chimezie (Lolo Ebubemba) who, by thorough and meritorious selection, will be honoured with a traditional Chieftaincy title of ‘Odi-ukonamba’ by His Royal Highness Eze Peter Nwanjoku; Eze Uri II of Umuri, Amaimo in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State for her numerous acts of Philanthropy, on December 25, 2021.

Lolo Ebubemba, has been a strong advocate of equity, unity and peace; leading the pathway in various foray towards achieving youth upliftment, gender empowerment and women education in our parlance. She is a professional registered Nurse, core Psychologist and accomplished business magnet with passion for excellence and quality service.

The incoming Chief ‘Odi-ukonamba’ is dynamic and brilliantly versatile, willing to take on greater responsibilities, anywhere in the world. Having, come this far and still rising in the enterprise of upholding humanity’s deep values and high aspirations towards reforming the society.

She is known to have astutely guided her family’s velocity in defining an ambitious agenda that has placed their numerous investments in different parts of the world on auto cruise.

She’s truly indispensible to peace, prosperity and human dignity. Her courage, vision and determination towards building formidable and enduring livelihood legacy have remained her biggest selling point, with an unswerving resolve to honor the trust that humanity may be better served amidst revolving challenges of under development especially in our African divide and in all these capacities, she has been a champion, breaking barriers and building bridges.

She co-founded ‘DeKing Charity Foundation’ aimed at affecting lives through provision of strong livelihood support for orphanages, women and youth empowerment, provision of electricity transformers to communities, provision scholarships for deserving students in all levels of education, support for Ikeduru, Imo state and Nigeria immigrants in other countries of the world where they have presence, and the list is unending.

Undoubtedly, divinity, hard work and diligence may have played a dominant role in shaping the life of this great woman with the heart of gold, Chief Mrs. Maureen Nneka Kingsley Chimezie, ‘Odi-ukonamba’.

She is a virtuous woman with impeccable family values, the wife of a great achiever and patriot and the mother of a lovely Christian home. A rare symbol of humility and embodiment of peace and honesty laced with a polished lifestyle.
The world indeed, needs more great minds like ‘Ebubemba’ and his indomitable spouse ‘Odi-ukonamba’ to meet the needs of a people with battered socio-economic society.

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