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DEKING GROUP End of Year party: Uzoagba Stars steal show

by News Echo
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It was a fully packaged deal of memorable celebrations lined up for the End of the year get-to-gather of the staff, customers, friends and well-wishers of the DEKING Group of companies comprising of nine (9) affiliate companies.

However, the show was over-populated, as many who does not belong to any of the afore-mentioned categories invited, thronged the venue of the event at Immaculate Hotel, Ikenegbu Owerri.

The event was most successful as the Chairman/CEO of the DEKING GROUP, Clan Chief (Prof.) Chemezie Kingsley KSC (Ebubema Ikeduru) graced the occasion with his amiable Lolo, Chief Maureen Kingsley (Odi-Uko na Mba), in the company of his lovely and cherished Club members, Uzoagba Stars Club of Nigeria, who subsequently took charge, controlled and dragged the event to an interesting, lively and eventful mood, even though the hotel cooling facilities could not manage the excessive crowd that graced the event.

However, the End-of-the- year, Get-to-gather, was most interesting as the organisers of the event showcased different dancing groups including groups from the mother company which indeed, made the event an ideal fanfare that actually tickled the fancy of virtually all that attended the occasions.

Assorted drinks accompanied with various types of intercontinental dishes were treated to the guests.
The Chairman/CEO DEKING GROUP, expressed his profound gratitude to all guests, staff and customers of the various affiliate companies while unveiling the recent giant strides and new introductions of the company that has placed above all others within the Southeast divide.

The party however, ended well with virtually all attendees praising the company’s indomitable strides and developments.

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