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Prince turns down Gofundme account

by News Echo
1 minutes read

Evicted Prince has rejected a Gofundme account set up by his fans.

Like Erica, Nigerians had opened a Gofundme account for the former Housemate to start a salon.
But he turned down the campaign, saying he should be the one to bother on how to repay their support.

His post reads: “My dear Royal Army, I am overwhelmed and trying to soak in all the love you have been showing me. I’m sincerely speechless because I never expected the love I’m receiving.

“This GoFundMe account was brought to my attention last night and I almost tear up by the mere thought and intentions behind it. We are experiencing difficult times now and people still want to do this for me?

“No, I think it is time you all rest while I think of what to do to pay you all back for the surreal love.

“Sincerely appreciate this gesture, but I want my Royal Army to save their funds on this one.”
Prince further assured he would own a Salon as soon as possible.

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