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7 things you didn’t know about actress Sola Sobowale

by News Echo

The Nollywood movie star can be described as not only a veteran but a pioneer in the modern-day Nigerian movie industry.

However, here are some interesting facts about the actress that you should know about.
1. She was an athlete in secondary school.
It may surprise you to know that Sobowale was an athlete at a very young age. Sobowale says she used to be an athlete who represented her state in sporting events back in the day; “Growing up, I remember that I represented Ondo State at many sporting events,” she said during an interview back in 2017.

2. Parents wanted her to become either a teacher or a nurse
The dream of every parent is for their child to grow up to become successful. For a lot of African parents, the options are simply becoming lawyers, doctors, or engineers. Well, Sobowale’s parents wanted her to become a teacher or a nurse.

“My dad actually wanted me to become a teacher, while my mum wanted me to become a nurse. In a way, I’m still doing those things they wanted, albeit in a different way,” she told interviewers in 2017.

3. She still does market errands by herself
A lot of people believe that once anyone attains a celebrity status, their lifestyle changes forever. It is agreed in many quarters that a celebrity is not supposed to be seen doing certain things only regular people do. Sobowale thinks differently as she still believes in going to the market by herself.

“Some celebs say they can’t go to the market but I can go to any market to buy whatever I want. I just have to be ready to greet people and chat with them and I do that. I’m not a prisoner!” she said.

4. She makes her own clothes
Sobowale can be described as one of the most stylish celebrities in the country. Whenever she steps out on the red carpet, you are bound to see the paparazzi run after her just to catch a clean shot of the glamorous movie star.

Surprisingly, she makes her own clothes.

5. She starred in the famous ‘The Village Headmaster’ TV drama series
‘The Village Headmaster’ remains one of the most popular TV drama series to have been created in the country. From the likes of Justus Esiri, Femi Robison, Enebeli Elebuwa, and Ted Mukoro, it had an intimidating array of stars on its cast.

Just in case you didn’t know, Sobowale was among the cast who starred in the now rested TV drama series.

6. She doesn’t accept scripts that involves cuddling and smooching
As an actor, your versatility and range depend on the roles and characters you have executed perfectly. For some actors, there are no boundaries when it comes to picking scripts for a movie.

While for others, if the script doesn’t suit well for them, then it is a big NO! Sobowale says she can never pick a role that involves cuddling and smooching.

“Yes ooh, they are so many. I am not going to go naked, definitely, and no smooching. Nobody is coming to smooch me, no smooching. I am a typical African woman; let’s stay like that, don’t let us take it to the foreign land…” she said while talking about roles she won’t be taking in a movie.

7. She once saved a marriage from collapsing
Sobowale became a household name in the country after she starred in the popular TV drama series, ‘Super Story: Oh Father Oh Daughter’. The whole of Nigeria watched every week as the actress serenaded everyone with her flawless acting skills.

Well, while everyone was enjoying her role as ‘Toyin Tomato’ in the series, it was also fixing a marriage somewhere. Surprised? The actress revealed how a woman told her that her character from the series saved her marriage. “A lady walked up to me in Abuja and said ‘Thank you very much Toyin Tomato, you saved my marriage’. I said ‘What do you mean by that?’

“She said that her husband was like Suara (the lead character) and there was someone out there like proper Toyin Tomato that was taking him away. She then called her husband to watch Super Story and he settled down, watched, listened, and saw the whole thing and he came back home.”

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