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5 Nigerian celebrities who have become bloggers

by News Echo
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It is no longer new that the entertainment industry is not really the easiest to thrive in as new talents emerge every day to move them from their seat of power. The music industry for one is such that a number of talented people are discovered on social media every other day and the so called legends eventually fade into oblivion. Due to the nature of the entertainment industry, a number of celebrities are left grappling on the last straws of relevance and recognition they have to remain noticed. Some Nigerian celebrities have become bloggers. A number of Nigerian stars however have branched out into other thriving industries after noticing that they did not seem to be doing so well in what they started with. Below is a list of Nigerian celebrities who have branched out from their former industries to blogging.

1. Tunde Ednut: Former Nigerian music star, Tunde Ednut, has become one of the most influential and controversial bloggers on social media. The celeb used to be in the music industry but did not seem to grow beyond one of his hit songs and then decided to branch out. Ednut is now based in Atlanta but that has not stopped him from blogging to a Nigerian audience. His Instagram page has grown to millions of followers who enjoy his witty captions and interesting but sometimes controversial take on things.



2. Ubi Franklin: Popular Nigerian talent manager, Ubi Franklin, is known as the owner of the Triple MG music group. He worked with top music stars such as Iyanya and Tekno. However, Ubi who also appears to be an astute businessman has also ventured into blogging. The celeb is no doubt banking on his connections in the entertainment industry to get exclusive content for his page. Ubi mostly conducts Instagram live interviews with other celebs and that is particularly fitting considering the COVID-19 times that we are in.


3. Samklef: Nigerian music producer and singer, Samklef, is another star who has also branched out into blogging. The young man has now turned his Instagram page into a blog where he shares posts on interesting things happening in the industry as well as society.




4. Ike Onyeama: BBNaija 2019 star, Ike Onyeama, is one celebrity who banked on his fame in the showbiz industry to start a blog. It is no longer news that life after BBNaija is not always as rosy as it seems with many of the former housemates left in confusion about what to do next to remain relevant. Well, Ike, who had tried his hands at many things, seems to have settled for blogging.



5. Bally: This is another BBNaija star that has branched out into blogging. He was one of the housemates on the 2017 edition of the show and not much was heard from him after, till he started blogging.

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