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Middle Belt shall give Peter Obi 50% votes – Leader, MBF

by Ikenna Orioha
2 minutes read

The Leader of Middle Belt Forum (MBF), Engr. Ben Akaakah, says the people of Middle Belt have solidly decided to give their 50% votes to the Labor Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, in the forthcoming election.

Akaakah said their collective decision to elect Peter Obi as next President of Nigeria was to help the Igbo break the political marginalization they were plunged to in Nigeria even after the Biafra and Nigeria Civil War.

He disclosed this in his tribute to the former President – General of an Apex Igbo Socio-cultural organization, Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, late Amb. Prof. George Obiozor, at his funeral, held at the Rockview Hotel, Owerri, weekend.

The Leader of Middle Belt Forum posited that the Igbo Presidency is real and divine with about 86% Nigerians endorsing Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti as their candidates, saying the project has crossed the Rubicon.

According to the Benue State born Think tank, “we are collectively supporting the Igbo presidency. It is an open secret. The Middle Belt had massively decided to give Peter Obi over 50% vote to enable him win the presidential poll. The Igbo have suffered sheer political marginalization for too long. This is the time for the Igbo to rule Nigeria. The Igbo presidency has crossed the Rubicon and for us in the Middle Belt, we have decided to deliver the region for Peter Obi and that is what we have been doing. Because after the Igbo, the Middle Belt take over”.

Akaakah reflected that late Prof. George Obiozor stood firmly for Igbo presidency, a political project he affirmed the Middle Belt people stand by no matter the cost.

“No going back on Igbo presidency in 2023. Obiozor had set the pace. Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and and Middle Belt Forum are upholding the Obiozor’s stand on Igbo presidency. Nothing can stop the region from becoming president of Nigeria in 2023. Hence, we call on other tribes in Nigeria to rise and give their votes to Peter Obi and the Labor Party”, he added.

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