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Measuring instruments contd.

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Engineers callipers: – It is used for measuring; I) Inside diameter of a bottle. II) The diameter of round objects e.g. pendulum bulb measured in centimetre (cm).
Spring balance: – It is used for measuring the weight of an object in Newtons (N).

Tape measure: – Used for measuring the curves of a human body in inches and centimetres.
Metre rule: – For measuring straight line distances e.g. length and breadth of a room.

Micrometre screw gauge: – It is used for measuring the diameter of a small object e.g. steel/electric wire, thread etc.

Vernier callipers: – Used for measuring short distances e.g. the thickness of a piece of wood in millimetres (mm) and centimetres (cm).
Weighing balance: – The mass of an object in kilograms.

Measuring cylinder: – The volume of liquid and density of an object in conjunction with the mass; where Density =mass/volume




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