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Uzodimma’s cabinet reshuffle: Why new team must rescue Imo

by News Echo
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Last week Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State in a game of musical chair sacked 20 of his commissioners, leaving 8 in what he called an effort to rejig his administration. Naturally, this has attracted mixed reactions with many heaving a sigh of relief hoping that the assemblage of a new team will give Imo the expected Hope as the land of Hope.

Whether or not their prayers will be answered is left more with the governor than with God Almighty. While the governor is claiming to be desirous of upping his ante in terms of growing the state, not few Imolites believe that is another opportunity to reward loyalty and create jobs for the boys typical of the way of politicians.

Imo is a state in dire need of development. While the governor and his 3R’s team is claiming to have delivered there are strong opinions across the state indicating that there is yet to be experienced any meaningful activity going on in the state. This view may have been validated by the governor’s action of giving the boot to the 20 commissioners.

He has confirmed the fears of Imo people who have been expecting him to live up to his campaign promises. The result of a cursory look in the state overall will provide a strong justification for the sack. Every sector of the state is groaning and the widespread complaint is anything pleasant even to the ears of Satan.

The past one year has been anything but eventful. Contrary to the governor’s promise to pay workers and pension wages it has been terrible for civil servants some of who are owed over a year’s emoluments and were later declared ghost workers. It has been an endless tale of woes for the state civil servants.

One can imagine the level of productivity for a worker so thoroughly unmotivated. Some Imolites have observed that aside a handful of road infrastructure revolving around the capital city of Owerri the state’s worsening road infrastructure is in a terrible condition. It remains a hopeless situation for the people who have already tasted a bit of the vagaries of weather after some pounding of the earth by the sky.

It has also been argued in some quarters that the commissioners should not be faulted for poor performance. Many who toe this line of argument hinge it on the fact that the commissioners can only key into the vision and direction fashioned out by the governor who is on the driving seat. The ship can only move in the direction he faces.

This is the reason News Echo is querying if the next executive officers to be appointed by the governor would be able to take the state to the desired Eldorado assuming there is no radical positive changes in the policy direction of the government. Commentators have observed that the governor have frittered most of his governance time travelling to Abuja for purposes they claim is concerned more with personal political issues than state matters.

Since assumption of office the governor has been embroiled in one fight or another especially in giving legitimacy to his government after the controversial Supreme Court verdict that enthroned his administration. The best way he can obliterate this we insist is provide good governance and put all controversies to sleep.

The next set of commissioners is critical in delivering this objective. He should open his eyes very well to make choices that meets the need of the people.

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