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South East governors and power play of Igbo politicians

by News Echo
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When Nigerian politicians aspire for power, they will promise the electorates heaven on earth. No sooner had they assumed office then they kick away the ladder that afforded them the opportunity to climb. Politicians of Igbo extraction are no less different. The common experience is that these politicians aside from looting to serve their selfish political interest indulge in unnecessary ego massaging power play that undermines the same electorates that they have sworn to serve.

It is said that when two elephants fight it is the grasses that suffers and sadly this has been the lot of the people of the South East who are treated to a theatrical drama of the people, they have elected to serve them. The servants suddenly become lords dispensing and frittering the common wealth of the people in a manner that suits their fancy to the neglect of the masses.

There is virtually none of the South East governors or the major political big wigs that is not engaged in a fratricidal war to undermine and outwit each other in a game of witch hunt. If it is not an intra or inter party squabbles it would be personality clashes to flaunt wealth or power. What is more disturbing is that these energies and resources dissipated are not channelled into developing the ala Igbo and its people.

While we cry of our marginalization in the larger Nigerian enclave and rather than focus to find our bearing and forge a common political front to salvage what is left of our people, we engage each other in a senseless war of attrition. This has enraged many other well-meaning Igbos leaving so much doubt about our leadership capabilities to sail the ship to a safe shore. This is the reason many people do not believe in the Igbo project.
It is also the reason many other tribes people view us as an unserious bunch incapable of leading ourselves. There are so many development agenda that should seriously engage our leaders’ attention than they trivialities they waste energy and time on. It is difficult to understand why these leaders are turning their weapons against themselves rather than face the external aggression and underdevelopment plus marginalization of the Igbo man.

We have had so many issues confronting the interests of the Igbos but they all draw blank seal their mouth yet they claim Igbo leaders. How many of these combatants rose to the challenge of confronting the authorities over the untimely dispatch into the great beyond of unarmed Igbo youths. It is a sad reality again that they have looked on while water is consuming their subjects. What does leadership mean to them?

News Echo notes with deep regrets the recent reported unnecessary show of power between two illustrious Igbo sons, the governor of Anambra State and an oil mogul Chief Arthur Eze. The incident clearly has sent a wrong signal to the outside world and cast aspersion on the maturity, tolerance and leadership skills of the combatants. There is nothing wrong with having squabbles with others; life provides numerous opportunities for differences. But there is everything wrong with allowing such disagreements to fester and become a public show of shame.

The purchase of expensive cars by Arthur Eze for the twelve traditional rulers he took to Abuja to see Buhari and who were subsequently slammed a one-year suspension by Obiano was no doubt to spite the governor. Many right-thinking Igbos have queried the propriety of the action, if it is the right manner to spend personal resources when there were many pressing issues of public concern begging for attention in a state where its citizens and youths are weighed down by excruciating poverty and terrible unemployment.

Also, the retaliatory action of the governor in purchasing cars for all the traditional rulers in the state to rival what Arthur Eze has done in our own views amounts to reckless spending of public funds. It would be pertinent to question if this project was ever captured in the state appropriation bill and is it a priority project. The governor needs to come clean of this sudden capital outlay. The legislature if it is alive to its responsibility should get Obiano to account. It is certain that such expenditure may not have come from his personal resources.

News Echo strongly frowns at the attitude of desecrating our traditional institutions by politicians for their selfish gains. The traditional institutions we note regrettably have become a pawn in the chess board of political desperadoes. This is unfortunate. The traditional rulers’ role in the governance of their people should not be negated. The traditional stools by custom are sacred and should be so treated.

We are also uncomfortable with traditional rulers who lend themselves cheap to politicians because of greed and pecuniary interests. They should accord themselves respect bearing in mind that any wrong step they take reflects on their image, the institution they represent and their people generally.

We commend the effort in setting up a peace resolution committee by Anambra elders as a good step in the right direction. Everything should be done to thrash this matter to allow peace reign supreme. We advise other states to take a cue from Anambra and resolve whatever squeamish that may exist. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.

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