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Moral decay among politicians occupying public office

by News Echo
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Things have since fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold according to legendary Chinua Achebe and this exactly reflects the state of our governance everywhere you go. The myriad of complaints arising from the dwindling fortunes of the people has never ceased as more people gets drowned in the effects of bad governance experienced at all levels.

Nigeria is a product of colonialism. While it lasted, it brought development according to the needs of the colonialists who were here for their own agenda. Everything then seems to work out. When they handed over it was not totally bad as the new political indigenous overlords continued to some degree in spiraling development.

The evidences abound in the growth of the south east region touted then as the fastest growing economy of the world that dazzled the world. The records are there. This was the case before the pogrom that rolled back whatever development that was achieved in the then Eastern region now south east especially.
Fast track to 1999 when the so called second republic took root with the return of democracy. Expectations were that democracy would spike up growth in virtually every area of our lives as the opportunity for all to participate in determining our affairs would engender commitment and patriotism as was the case in the past and as demanded by democratic principles and practices. How wrong we have been.

Assessing the level of progress made since then in relation to time and resources, it is difficult to accept that we are actually moving forward. Everything it seems point to a downward spiral leaving one to wonder why we are not joining the league of improving nations in a world where nations are taking advantage of technology and increased intellectual capacity to improve their fortunes.
Our country is quite resourceful and endowed with bounteously with natural and human capacity. We may be lacking in technology but we can leverage what we do have to get what we want. We have the capacity not only to improve our lot but join the league of the best nations. It is a sad commentary that we are a laughing stock among others because of the manner we have managed our affairs.
One striking factor that remains a cog in the wheel of progress is the level of morality expressed by our leaders. Much as we concede to them the right to their private lives and what they do with it we frown at a situation where this have become interference in the manner they run our public affairs. It is quite dangerous and negates public interest.

In spite of the effort to curb corruption it is not out of place to say that corruption is winning the war. It is cancerous and there is no aspect of national lives that have not been infected. Nigeria is in such a sorry state that the trust level among each other is zero. The perception among country folks is that everyone you meet is corrupt and that everything is achievable through compromise. It is matters of cash and carry so many people have come to view living in the country.
Our public officers are found indulging in loose immoral lives which lowers their status and image in the eyes of right thinking members of the society. They have been found to be influenced by their amorous relationship with women of easy virtues and this impact negatively on the quality of their decisions.

We are aware that contracts are awarded to female folks not on the basis of merit but based on their love relationship with the affected public officials. Besides, their behavior provides a corrupt influence on others especially youths who look up to them as role models. Little wonder this has perpetuated.
Recently, the nude picture of a federal public officer was seen making the rounds in social media as he was allegedly involved in group sex. Although, reportedly this has been denied, the import of that incident is not lost on the majority of who still doubt the denial.

There are reported cases where female students in higher institutions are arranged periodically for the enjoyment of public officials during public functions requiring them to spend time outside their homes. It is sad that their flirtatious behaviours and loose sexual appetites are satisfied through young school girls who rate as their own children.
News Echo is uncomfortable in the manner the moral lives of our public officials have degenerated. It is not only an abuse of the women folk who may be gratified with peanuts; it is also a gross abuse of position. They also undermine their positions. We call on the authorities to exert more punishments on erring public officials with a view to bringing them to book.

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