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How to save Nigeria from imminent collapse

by News Echo
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It is apparently clear that the corporate entity called Nigeria is headed for an imminent collapse. The reasons for such a national tragedy is not far to seek.

In the past six years, the country, more than ever before, had been witnessing horrendous as well horrific deterioration almost in all sectors. It is a fact that bandits, armed robbers, kidnappers and even more potent and more dreaded sects like Boko Haram and Fulani herders are now in the prowl, killing, abducting, maiming and detaining Nigerians in a most inhuman fashion.

Rather than frontally tackling the hydra headed insecurity challenges posed by these agents of destruction and their sponsors, President Muhammadu Buhari has, against all pieces of advice, re- established the abandoned 1963 open grazing routes, thereby inquiring the wrath of other non Northern Muslim/ Hausa/ Fulani regions.

The way out of this insecurity malady is for Buhari to sincerely and wholeheartedly urge the Fulani herdsmen to go into mechanized ranching instead of the outdated open grazing. All the world’s notable cow rearing countries have for many decaded to go ranching. But in 21st century Nigeria, Buhari is promoting, encouraging and even financing open grazing routes. This promotes nothing but insecurity and much scuffles.

Beyond insecurity, it has also been established by those who should know better, that President Buhari is consciously carrying out what has been called “the worst act of nepotism ever witnessed in the history of Nigeria”. In a recent Channels TV interview, a former DMI officer, Navy Commodore Kunle Oluwanmi, noted that, in view of Buhari’s nepotism and regionalism, coupled with his “avowed intention to Islamize Nigeria”, Buhari, he said, has taken Nigeria 60 years backward.

Indeed, Oluqunmi’s submission may pass integrity test if is weighed against the gauge that the president’s appointments, including the 18 security chiefs where northern Muslims have 98 representation. President Buhari has built three specialized universities all located in the north. Even the president has taken railway lines to Niger Republic when none criss crossed the South East. All these put together really forces out high degree of insecurity as there are tension amid complaints of marginalization.

Therefore, to save Nigeria from imminent collapse, Buhari must, as a matter of fact, do away with this idea of forced open grazing routes on other tribes in Nigeria. This will go a long way towards restoring peace and order as it is now generally believed that the real intention of the open grazing routes is to give away all the other tribes to Fulani herdsmen and Islam.

Also, the allegation of nepotism which has it that virtually ” all the juicy positions in the political firmament are allotted to northern Fulani Muslins” must be looked into and amendments made.

Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians and any act capable of dissuading anybody or any region from thinking that they don’t belong to this country must be stopped in order to end all forms actions provoking or threatening the continued existence of Nigeria.

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