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Fixing the dilapidated roads in Imo

by News Echo
2 minutes read

It is expected that every aspect of the arrangement and preparation for the immediate construction of the dilapidated roads in Imo State has been put in place.

Given that the dry season is not so long a time before it sets in again, all machinery should be deployed to the roads to fix them.

Almost all the adjoining roads are in bad shape. The government of Imo State has done some of the roads but greater percentage needs more attention. The only time to expedite action on them is for the governor, Sen. Hope Uzodimma to give marching orders to the contractors to mobilize to site and ensure speedy completion of the major roads especially that the yuletide is around the corner.

Of particular concern is the Umuguma, Nekede, MCC/Uratta, Orlu, Owerr/Okigwe, among other economically viable roadside.

Now that the rains have stopped, the citizenry should heave sigh of relief seeing that the government has mobilized to the sites to fix some of the roads.

We urge the government of Imo State to, in the spirit of the urban renewal encapsulated in the 3R mantra to give deadline to all contractors handling the roads so that the state can wear new look and become motorable.

The only way the citizenry can make up for the pains they went through and still go through this year on the roads, is for the government to tidy up all the started roads, ensuring their longevity so that we do not keep expending resources on already constructed roads.

The drainage system must be well cast, the roads must address the camber to enable water flow into the drainages.

The government through the works commissioner has assured Imo people that the road constructions will start immediately the rains stop. We expect that, the assurance is made good as the citizenry begin to see movement of equipment to construction sites.

We also call on the citizenry to support the government to realize this project of completing some of the roads that were stopped at the instance of the rain.

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