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Will there still be Christmas festival this year?

by News Echo
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This was the question a young girl put to me few days ago. I was taken by surprise at the question wondering what could have prompted it. When I fired back the reason for the question, she told me that there were no signs for the celebration. Appropriately in previous years the signs of the celebration would have been showing even from the weather.

The usual yuletide songs would have commenced blaring in the air waves. It looks like there is a conscious conspiracy to shun the remembrance of the birth of Jesus. There may not have been any because the situation was created by the prevailing circumstance.

Reflecting on how the year has panned out so far it was not difficult to identify that the reason for the seeming quietude about Christmas came from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which hit the world in the first quarter of this year. It ruined globally economy and turned back the hand of the clock.

At a time, the country was trying to emerge from the pangs it witnessed another crisis resulting from the youth’s protests over bad governance. The subsequent destructions that took place sent the country backward again.

Government economic policies have been quite unfriendly to lubricate people’s pocket. The continual increase in the prices of petroleum products which is reported to have peaked at 170 naira per litre of fuel among others has increased the cost of living. Life is dwindling with each passing day.

Nothing gladdens many again and focus seems to be on finding food to eat rather than any celebration.
Most organizations that slate their activities during year end are reported to have shifted or cancelled same for lack of money.

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