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When prayers may not be answered (1)

by News Echo
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The totality of the life we live results from the choices we make. Life indeed is all about choices. We make our choice and our choice makes us. We have been told that man is a free agent. He is created with the power of choice to make decisions as he deems fit. In the freedom is included responsibility for the choices he makes. Again, truly speaking in life nothing goes for anything.

Every day we wake we are confronted by various choices, choice of what to eat, to wear, places to go, wife, and many other desires. Whatever options we exercise we should be able to take on the resulting consequences there from. The outcome is entirely our responsibility. Stated in another form life is governed by natural laws and one of which is the action of sowing and reaping. As we sow, so shall we reap.

This law is adamantine. It holds true for everybody. When we sow wrongly the effects of our actions returns to us. It comes back irrespective of when we generated the action. Perhaps they ripe at a time we may never ever remember. Some of the things we are experiencing now may have been generated in our past lives. This may sound controversial because for some of us die hard believers who may have been badly disoriented would never have it that we have lived before.

That is an issue we will give attention to another time. No man who is living on planet earth is coming to the world for the first time. When our returning actions hit us with the same precision with which we executed them we run to God questioning, ”why me Lord, take this cup away from.” We become more prayerful when we are challenged by some conditions which pose a great inconvenience. Nothing humbles a man and brings him to his knees than the troubles which knocks him hard and sometimes threaten to exit him from planet earth.

At this point we seek the face of God more than ever before. There are issues that will never be resolved by prayers no matter how much we pray. There are things that we must pass through in life because it is in our karmic pattern. We can never wish it away no matter how much we try. It is only an illusion to think so. We should remember that the Master Jesus in his time of great tribulation, prayed God to ”take away this cup from me” but the will of God prevailed.

It was expressly stated in the scriptures from where we draw the authority and convictions about prayers that as a man soweth, so shall he reap. In another expression, we were told that God is not mocked, meaning that you cannot eat your cake and have it. Just like the constitutional laws regulating our physical life, so we do have natural laws governing creations. If a man is in good standing with the laws and strictly observing them, he has no business with law enforcement agencies and would fully enjoy his life blissfully. It is only those who violate the laws that would be booked for their actions.

There will be no need for anyone to arrest him. So it is with those who are swinging along with the laws in creation. They will leave happily because they will have nothing to account when the time of reckoning calls. The contention of this essay is that we need to review our strong belief already ingrained in us that prayer is everything through the various sources that we draw inspiration or our places of worship. Mind you we are not saying that prayers do not work.
This belief in the efficacy of prayers to solve all our challenges is grossly misplaced. The reality of this statement stares us in the face as we live each day. Many of us live in this illusion that they adopt different prayer practices or rove from one prayer house to another in search of great prayer warrior to miracle their challenges. Prayer houses on account of this have sprung up here and there and taking advantage of the situation.

There are situations that we have desperately prayed about and done so much to overcome for years, yet they are still living with us. Sometimes in frustration we lament, is God actually hearing us? Take a look around our country and even your immediate environment and the issues you have continually channelled to God in prayer. God is never hard of hearing us. We keep offering prayers to God in the churches, mosques, crusade grounds, homes, markets and at every opportunity.

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