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What I haven’t told you about Ebubemba Ikeduru

by News Echo
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In the midst of the frenzy of yuletide celebration, events passed with speed of light so much so that the captivating and tantalizing personality of Clan Chief (Prof) Chimezie Kingsley (Ebubemba Ikeduru) was not copiously captured.

Given that within the aperture of time that events were flying from left, right and center, the indepth readership and internalization of this effigy called Ebubemba Ikeduru may not have been grasped because of the cursory clicks and flips of the rectos and vectos of the newspaper, not only News Echo newspaper but virtually all newspapers and Radio stations had the news of Ebubemba Ikeduru.

You can agree with me that the tempo of celebration has died down hence need to resonate and have the effigy re-echoed to enable the virtues and veritables sink to our auditory perception for eternal reverberation.

Ebubemba Ikeduru is humane, urbane, down to earth, understanding, father of sort to his employees, large hearted, listening ear even when one is talking in-vacuo, he listens to the end of your submission because he knows that in every nonsense, there might be trace of sense. He is a man who doesn’t fly with negativity, he tries to bring all and sundry on board.

Hear him, “because God has blessed me, I shall use my blessings to touch lives of as many that come close to me”. This is a man whose dole out of magnanimity, benevolence and charity to his staff and members of his community and beyond knows no bounds.

It is his identity and second nature that in/through him, people are happy, heaving sigh of relief because a touch of favour has located one. Yours sincerely is a beneficiary. Whether I work for him today or not, I will not in haste forget, who like the proverbial fowl, the person that plucked her feather in the raining season.

I don’t know why am saying this, I woke up one morning and God said I should put down this vignette for Ebubemba Ikeduru. It could be for posterity to remember or for keepers of history to file in their volume of archives for future reference to know that upon this road of philanthropy, a man, known as Ebubemba Ikeduru has actually passed through this path, not like any other but with impressive impression that leaves impact for generational illumination and paradigm shift.

Of all the places I have worked, this man represents what true Boss should be. Caring, cheerful and accommodating. Much as he doesn’t play with the growth of his company, nor staff paying lips service to their roles and responsibilities, of course, no employer does, he always regale his wealth of experience with his staff, ensuring that they learn the skills and technical know-how of how to succeed in life and run smooth company.

His translation of his vision in Igbo language drives home the point to the marrow of his listeners. He holds his audience spell bounds for hours. He is an orator, let’s give it to him.

Do I talk about the comfort that he makes his staff enjoy within the confines of their office. I am not praise singing but I am rather presenting, trying to capture an effigy, of whom I may not have all it takes to market… suffice it to say that, a contact with this man, leaves you with an impactful experience that is contagious to fancy.

Much as I have enjoyed and shared from his magnanimity and benevolence, I will continue to present not the low part but the highest and zenith of character and charisma.

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