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Uzodimma’s aide suffering and smiling

by News Echo
1 minutes read

There are indications that all is not well with the Special Advisers of Governor Hope Uzodimma who have been suffering all kinds of deprivations. Some of them who spoke to News Echo under condition of anonymity regret terribly what is going on in the government.

Three of the aides have given indications that if the situation persists they will likely throw in the towels. They lament that while the expectations from their kits and keen including friends are very high; they are not seeing anything from the government. According to one, we are just suffering and smiling.

The aides complain that aside being owed some of their responsibilities is hijacked by principal officers of the government such as chief of staff. No vote is allocated to their offices. One of them very fanatical about the Hopism madness rebranded his personal vehicle believing he will be allocated one of the purchased vehicles but he misfired.

He has become a laughing stock each time he drives his car terribly lacking maintenance and disturbing people with sounds like that of a grinding machine. The question is what is Hope doing with our money? Who is Hope not owing in Imo?

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