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Umahi’s defection to APC: So what about presidential ambition?

by News Echo
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The governor of Ebonyi state, Engr David Umahi defected to the All Progressives Congress APC on Tuesday, 17th of November 2020. He made his reason categorically clear that since 1999 the Peoples Democratic Party PDP has failed to zone the presidential position to south East. He described the position of PDP as callous, draconian, and wicked since SE has continued to support PDP.

He made this declaration after he had made several efforts to convince PDP to zone the presidency to the South East which was treated with disdain or with deaf ear.

We should recall that David Umahi is the chairman South East Governors Forum and has the mandate to speak for the South East people. According to a Press release by the speaker Ebonyi State House of Assembly, it gave the PDP seven days to zone the presidency to SE or he will lead his team to APC. But what was the reaction of PDP? It became obvious through the PDP body language that the party is not ready to zone the presidency to the South East.

But PDP had zoned the presidency to the North East, North West, South West, South-South, since this democratic dispensation and south east has given massive support to the candidates. So Gov Umahi questioned why the party could not zone it this time to the South East after many years of support and loyalty. No tangible answer yet from the party, hence his defection to APC.

It is true that the governor of Ebonyi state, Dave Umahi has benefitted immensely from the Peoples Democratic Party PDP since 1999. It is also on record that Engr Dave Umahi has held the following positions since 2007. 2007 – Acting State Chairman, 2009 – 2011 – State Chairman PDP Ebonyi state, Deputy Governor to Chief Martin Elechi as Governor 2015 – Governor under PDP, 2019 – re-elected Governor under PDP.

According to him, his reason for defection was the injustice meted to the South East by the PDP. Obviously, the reason he gave as the leader of the South East governors Forum is very reasonable and highly acceptable. This is because Engr David Umahi is no longer speaking for himself alone as the leader of the South East zone but for the people of zone. He has done enough sacrifice for the people of the SE and I believe everybody from the zone will join him if APC eventually zones the presidency to the South East. He also did well as a governor in Ebonyi state.

Some misinformed or uninformed people are saying that his reason to join APC is to contest for presidential position come 2023 or for his own selfish interest, but it’s not true, he is fighting a just cause. But what is wrong if he is aspiring to be president? After all it is only the South East zone that has not been given the opportunity since 1999.

So, it is not out of place if the son of the soil decides to bring the right accruable to his fatherland. In fact, he should be applauded and encouraged for taking such decision. He has done very well in his pursuit for the presidency and I believe God is with him. “Life answers to only those who do something.”

Engr David Umahi has taken a bold step in the right direction and should be supported by all Igbos. Power is not given but taken. You cannot sit at a place and wait until power will be given to you. Take a bold step and get power. Governor Umahi has done just that. He has taken the bull by the horn. The people of the South East zone should immediately support him

Let the world know that the Igbo are behind him. Igbo should stop playing second fiddle in a country they have a major stake. We should insist on getting the presidential slot come 2023. I believe the Igbo have the magic wand to transform Nigeria if given the opportunity.

The PDP should have a rethink and zone the presidency to the South East. Other major parties should do same come 2023 as it will go a long way in restoring peace to our dear country.

Nigerian leaders who really mean well for this country should come out boldly and support the zoning of the presidency to the South East. South East is among the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. Other zones have enjoyed the gain that comes from holding a presidential position.

It is the turn of the South East zone. Let everyone support it. I call on the international community to put their weight in making the people of the South East zone enjoy a pride of place in their country Nigeria. I rest my pen.

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