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There are situations you MUST go through in life

by News Echo
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In life we all go through challenges irrespective of our statuses. Not even the so called millionaires, the most successful or the most intelligent is free from problem. Even the so called developed nations are grappling with one challenge or another. There is something for everybody to work on.

There is no one on earth who is free otherwise he would not incarnate here. The earth life is a school where we learn, graduate and move on or fail and come back to repeat. When we are confronted with challenges sometimes we think that nature is unkind to us. In our grief but in ignorance we lament, “why me” as if anyone is solely required to bear the cross.

There is nothing happening to us which is not deserving of us. Life is governed by laws in creation. There is no mistake in creation because everything is structured according to divine will. Wherever you find yourself at any point in time is where you are supposed to be. We only think otherwise because we are ignorant of the workings of the laws.

The totality of our life is a product of the choices that we have made. We make our choice and take responsibility. We make our choice and our choice makes us. According to the law of reciprocal actions whatever we sow into creations brings us same and even with interest. No wonder a grain of corn yields a cob.

When we are confronted by negative tendencies we try to wish it away and always label it the handiwork of the enemies. Drawing from our faith we launch into strong and fervent prayers. We run from pillar to post in search of situations that never come and more often we bruise ourselves in the process.

No matter how much we pray, cast and bind, fast or torment ourselves there are situations we must pass through to gain the required experience. But the question is how many of us know that we are on earth to grab experience. Some of us have been schooled by religion to think of only heaven and earth.

When you have tried everything and it is not working, relax, embrace it and go through it. No one is ever given more than he can handle. Life may seem unfair but the wheel of justice is only grinding slowly but surely to requite everyone according to what he has sown into creation. It is the law of life.

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