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Rallying Point 2023: Politicians have started picking constituents’ calls

by News Echo
3 minutes read

I may not be able to condense a convenient soundbite of what the politicians do in this piece of write-up.
The unfortunate aspect of what is to come is that politicians think that the electorate don’t have memory, that they are naturally thrown to state of amnesia.
If four years is enough to assume that one will forget bad leadership thrown to one, it lies within, and not without the thinker the absurdity of thought.

To think that the constituents will easily forget how the politicians have denied them basic amenities of life will amount to stupidity which the citizens are not.
The citizens are neither stupid nor ignorant, because the citizens know that the combination of the two will lead to a stupefied society.

Before 2019 election, a politician could come to your house to visit you, dine and wine with you. He called you to feign how you are doing, even when they know that the citizens know what they are doing. This is what is called ‘suspension of disbelief’ in literature. Sometimes, the Rabbi Ben Ezra Dramatis Personae plays out in this drama between the politicians and the electorate. You know what I mean?

Shortly after that 2019 election, the politicians assumed that the electorate are buffoons devoid of keeping tab with memory. The same man who called you to seek your votes by feigning care and love, drops the phone number, sometimes, their personal assistant becomes the holder of the phone. You know any number that the personal assistant picks, is no serious number.

Today, the electorate have become so savvy, intelligent and keepers of history so much so that they will not allow the ugly history of politicians coming to seek for their votes, pretending to care, love and provide heaven on earth in this 2023, they have become aware!!!

Call a politician now, especially those who are nursing political ambitions, he or she will take your calls even call back if necessary. From now, empowerment will be heard from all nooks and crannies. The politicians have started coming back home, the blaring of sirens is gradually dying down because no one gets a vote sitting on the horse.

Hmmm, if citizens understand that election time is the only time they have to correct some democratic anomalies, they will begin to have voting plans, create peer pressure groups to share the voting plans with, the lack of simply basic amenities that the elected representatives can’t provide will come to an end.
The voting plans will enable the citizens know who and where to vote.

They will no longer be swayed nor tossed about by the wind of filthy lucre and of course one without solid foundation of provision of dividend of democracy to the constituents will lose election.
What cannot be provided in four years, certainly will not come out in the process of campaign. I am a proponent of charter of demands with which to engage the elected representatives for development of the communities which will transcend to societal growth.

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