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Government Seals Relief Market shopping plaza for non Remittance of Revenues

by News Echo
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On Thursday the 18th, 2022, two persons alleged actively used by the former Governor Rochas Okorocha’s Sister to deprive the state government of revenues accruing from the state government owned market facility were apprehended by agents of the state government and taken into custody of a law enforcement agency.

The recovery operation was led by the Special Adviser on Special Duties, Nze Chinasa Nwaneri and assisted by the president of Imo Market Association, Mr. Emmanuel Ezeanochie.

Having failed several invitations of the state government thru their agents, the last resort was to go to where they were hiding to apprehend them to answer for their crimes.

Relief Shopping plaza is one of the many looted public property by the Okorocha’s which the government of the day are consistently in sync to recover for Imo people.

The two arrested men are Okorocha’s lackeys used to not only deprive the state government of the accruing revenues but to also defile all government’s directives on account that they are not answerable to the government of the day. Such a treasonable felony!

From the available records; since the inception of this administration, no single revenue has been accrued from that Shopping Plaza as there is zero amount on the government’s subheads because the Okorocha’s have consistently defiled the constituted authority in the state.

Economic sabotage is a serious crime. Infact, it is viewed as a treasonable felony in some climes.
Recently, at the beginning of this month of August, 13 Naval Officers and ratings were court martialed on account of economic sabotage against the government.

Their offences ranged from conniving with crude oil thieves to pipeline vandalism and other maritime infractions against the government.

No government takes economic saboteurs lightly as they assert all instruments of force to get rid of them from the system.

It is unfortunate that the two men who are now currently in custody of law enforcement agencies are victims of the Okorocha’s greed.

They allowed themselves to be used by non state actors against the state government’s economic interests. The issue about not coming up to answer to the Governor’s call is only a diversionary tactics to absolve themselves from the obvious economic infractions against the state government.

They should go pay all their entitlements, most especially payee to the state government and stop all the unnecessary squabbles with the state government.

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