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Young India – Time to Awake

by News Echo
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A nation awakes with the awakening of its youth. Youth decides the upcoming future of its nation. India is a country of dreams. A place where dreams are turned into reality with honest efforts. As a citizen of India, we are more inclined towards bringing the golden past of our rich heritage closer to the future of the nation. Every dream needs an eye of a dreamer. In India, the vision of our great leaders serves the link between the dreams and its accomplishments.

Rahul Gandhi is a name written in the political world of India that has been a constant source of inspiration and admiration for all. If we speak about the vision of his ideology, we will come to know that he is a torch bearer who knows how to enlighten the darkest tunnels of life. His idea of progress starts with all and finishes with all. Irrespective of any caste, culture, religion, Rahul Gandhi has given everyone an equal opportunity to get established. His ongoing journey of making your home, society, nation, world a better place to live keeps on continuing with his never compromising approach to find the right light for all.

This political ethic of this has made him a preferred choice among every section of the society. If we talk about the future India, we have more than half of the youth population who is already following his leadership. The youth promises the future of a nation and Rahul Gandhi is on a promise to mentor the youth to take the precise path of life.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we can conclude that Rahul Gandhi is the new face of India. The political achievements of him as a leader coincides with his follower’s number. His work, thoughts, ideas are well appreciated among the youth and he has been successful in making his Youth National Congress party, a party where young idea breathes.

These ideas are the soul of our Young India. There is no room of doubt about his popularity among the youth. But to a sudden surprise, the extended support he receives for his constant efforts is not replicated at times of judgement day! There is a loop that has been missed by everyone’s eyes or it is deliberately not shown to all? The ground of questions heats up with endless doubts about how a person who has been a role model for all is not given a position in our country’s politics despite of his huge count of supporters? Why a leader who has been an ideal for youth is not in the place where he deserves? An effective part of voters is youth! Why youth is not ready to follow their dreams? There are many questions that need to be answered before its too late! Wake up India before history repeats itself!


Source by Shivanand Hulyalkar

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