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Obi-Fever: Million man marches spread across Nigeria cities

by News Echo
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Peter Obi reacts on supporters rallies in Makurdi, Auchi, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Onitsha in one day
The fever of the various million-man marches and rallies across several states in major cities of the country took another level over the weekend as states in the south east and south south zones joined in the trend in support of the Presidential flag bearer of the Labour Party Mr. Peter Obi. Many of the rallies took place defying the rain.

Many supporters of the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, on Saturday carried out a solidarity match in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The Obi’s supporters had converged on the Eleme Junction from where they took off and matched all the way to the popular Isaac Boro Park in the state capital.

The supporters, mainly comprised of youths clad in T-shirts and fez caps bearing Obi’s insignia, sang solidarity songs.

Some supporters of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Mr Peter Obi, on Sunday held a rally in Onitsha, the commercial city of Anambra State.

Young men and women doning white polo shirts with Obi’s picture and inscription of his party started gathering at Zik Avenue at around 11:30am, from where they moved to other parts of the town.

The group held banners with several inscriptions supporting Obi and marched peacefully along most streets, terminating at the Chinua Achebe’s Stadium, Fegge, Onitsha.

Convener of the rally, Mr Chibuike Akpotue, who addressed supporters said: “We just want to show the world that Obi has our support, he was born in Onitsha, he grew up in Onitsha, his businesses are here. So, we decided today to show him solidarity because we were told he does not have structure, we want to tell them we are his structure.

“This is not about the Labour Party. The most important thing is that we want someone that can change the economy of this country. Since I graduated, I did not find any job to do and I went into business, which is not a bad idea.

“We know the amount it cost us to load one truck in 2010 and the amount it is costing now. We know the amount it costs us for the upkeep of our families before 2015 and the amount it is costing us now. So, no one can say that the economy is comfortable for him.

“We are looking for a person that can turn around the economy of this country for good and not a party. Check out Obi’s record as Anambra governor, you will see that he is the only governor that served eight years and yet never had any issue with the EFCC and he goes out without any escort.”

News Echo gathered that the groups tagged the rally, ‘Onitsha mega rally: The mother of all rallies’ caused a gridlock with many motorists diverting to other routes as the supporters sang Obi’s praise during the long trek.

The supporters of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of Labour Party under the umbrella of Odengene Peoples Movement (OPM) gathered at Kobb invent hall today in Enugu for the unveiling of Charity Begins At Home Movement for Peter Obi and Datti sponsored by Capt. Evarest Nnaji popularly known as Odengene.

The event started with a road show from Okpara square and ended at the Kobb invent hall at Polo Park Enugu where the official unveiling too place.

Addressing the supporters, Odengene said “we can’t be at the back, we must be at the center and my own is to lead Enugu to the center”
Speaking further, he said “we live in a part where people cannot say things the way it is and that’s why I’m making myself available to lead Enugu to the center”

The conference was so colourful as people turned out in their numbers to show their support for Peter Obi.
The National officials of Labour Party were present at the event and it ended smoothly.

According to reports, photos, and videos making rounds on social media, the rallies were held in Afikpo, Port Harcourt, Auchi in Edo State, and Makurdi, the capital of Benue State. Photos from these rallies have sparked mixed reactions as they made rounds on social media.

Peter Obi who’s currently outside the country made a post on his Facebook page to show gratitude to his supporters, he also said that their labors won’t be in vain.

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