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2023: Peter Obi will witness poor turnout in Anambra- PDP

by News Echo

The People Democratic Party (PDP), Presidential Campaign Committee in Anambra State, on Friday, says the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter will witness poor turnout in the state.

Uloka Chibuike, the Spokesman of the PDP Presidential Campaign Committee in the state, who disclosed this in a statement in Onitsha, said, with the poor turnout of people in the presidential campaigns of the Labour Party in the North, it’s evident enough that the party is no match to the People’s Democratic Party and will be swept away by the hurricane PDP in the February 25, 2023 poll.

According to Uloka, the Labour Party has continued to experience a cold reception across Northern Nigeria. It’s a sign of rejection and a reminder that the Labour Party cannot play in the big political league.

He said the dominance and popularity of the People’s Democratic Party have never been threatened by the kindergarten Labour Party and their noisy followers, otherwise known as “Obidients.” Instead, they placed too much relevance and importance on their social media escapades, of which does not constitute 12% of the electorates.

They are gradually losing steam and energy; the chips are down, and the big league players are out to the arena; the kindergarten players have no choice but to hibernate; this is exactly what the Labour Party and Obidients are witnessing.

Peter OBI’s flag-off at a small playground in Lafia, which he was unable to fill, and the almost empty park in Benue State during his campaign rally yesterday, count as proof that he is not a candidate for the elections in February. His numbers are insufficient to win a local government election, let alone any constituency

You cannot measure them up with the turnout of the masses in states where Atiku Abubakar has visited for his campaign rallies.

The recent visit to Borno State is a clear indication that the North has been locked down for Atiku Abubakar, with the South still going to follow suit in the coming weeks when the PDP Presidential candidate visits the region.

“The Labour Party is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things and also in kindergarten, thus they cannot compete in the polity. Their popularity can only be measured to that of the unpopular and despised APC, whilst the PDP is unmatched. We will treat Peter Obi like a leper in the State as his low campaign turnout would continue in Anambra. The PDP is expected to gain over 50,000 members back in the coming weeks. These were people who left the PDP due to deception and others who have seen the inevitability of Atiku Abubakar’s victory in 2023,” Uloka said.

He noted that Nigerians have all resolved to elect Atiku Abubakar as the next president of Nigeria, and he is particularly confident that his election will bring liberation to suffering young Nigerians and make the country viable again.

He emphasized the main campaign agenda of Atiku Abubakar, which is restructuring; he said Nigeria was already due to be restructured, but instead, the grit, tenacity, and courage have been lacking leaders over the years, and with Atiku Abubakar possessing the experience, grit, and valor, he will live up to his promise of restructuring the nation, which is the primary need of the South East and ndi-Igbo in Nigeria.

Uloka condemned the attack on the PDP presidential candidate in Borno state and urged the opposition to uphold the peace agreement signed by different political parties and acknowledge that Atiku Abubakar’s candidacy for president is a manifestation of Nigerians’ desire for PDP to return to power.

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