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Firm urges businesses on digital marketing

by News Echo
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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to restrict many people indoors, Dochase Adx Limited has advised business owners to go digital in increasing their customer base.
Dochase Adx is a technology company that help businesses acquire and retain customers.
Its Founder, Chibuike Goodnews during a virtual conference with title, “Acquiring and retaining customers in the new normal” said Covid-19 pandemic has brought people five years into what they would have been into in future.

He said a lot of businesses have been stressed on how they acquire and retain customers because of the pandemic and other economic factors.
He said before now, customers probably must do an outdoor event where customers physically assemble but this has become difficult as everybody has gone indoors.

He noted that despite the development, some are still connected somehow to the internet and so the country and indeed the world is physically wall apart, but digitally seconds away.
He said products have also become dynamic in terms of customer acquisition, adding that products that are digitally inclined have seen growth.

He urged business owners to put their product forward to customers through digital marketing.
He said: “Many businesses have been left in limbo with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the major problem businesses experience is how to acquire customers, how they get salespeople, use flier and other means but this doesn’t work anymore. What works now is digital marketing.

“So how do you get people who will not come to your shop physically to buy your product and even when they know that you are on internet, how do you keep them? At Dochase Adx, we bring you to the front of the people who are interested in your product to you using data analytics, among others. We build all this around the behaviour of the people and learn how to ensure you maintain them”, he added.

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